Success Stories Wim Hof Method

Long before we created the online video course Wim Hof has trained a lot of people with his method.
Read about the success stories from the people who booked amazing results by working with Wim.

Story Hans Spaans

Hans Spaans has followed the Wim Hof Method since 2011. Listen to his remarkable story in the video below.

Personally: Having ignored Parkinson’s disease until maximum medication the outlooks are pretty grim. Although Parkinson is progressive , my Quality of Life metrics are now 25% better better than 2 years ago at the same or lower medication levels. In practical terms: On a dark day in February 2012 I had to ask for external support to get food from the shops at 200 meters from my house. February 2013 I drove up and down to Poland to visit Wim’s training center through challenging winter conditions – 1000km each way – solo.”

Hans Spaans , NL

Succes Story – Mathijs (Crohn Disease)

The WHM helped me to unfolded my strength which lies within my body and mind! Together with 25 other people I have reached the top of the Kilimanjaro in shorts in 48 hours by using this Methode. I believe everybody is capable of unfolding there capacity if they are willing to. 


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